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The Ultimate Guide to VR/AR Collaboration for Design Teams

It's time to gain faster approvals, align on design intent, and win over your stakeholders. This guide is meant to help designers, architects, BIM managers, and technology directors understand common roadblocks in design collaboration and how VR/AR technology is integral to adapt for the new state of our industry. 

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5 Ways to Evaluate if You Need to Evolve Your Design Collaboration

Five Ways to Evaluate if You Need to Evolve Your Design Collaboration

Is your design collaboration process a breeze? If you don't feel confident your team is effective, staying current, or making informed decisions on their designs, we've got the guide. Dive into the five ways to evaluate if you need to evolve your design collaboration and get key takeaways for smoothing out your process and turning into one you, and your team, is excited about. 


Four Ways for Design Teams to Improve Remote Collaboration

Are you prepared for a future of remote design collaboration? With the right tools, architecture, design, and enterprise teams alike are taking their collaboration further. Get the guide and dive into 4 ways you can improve your collaboration workflows today.

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Saving $10,000 per Project Using VR Collaboration

Access this case study to see how BSA LifeStructures adopted VR collaboration to future-proof their services and design smarter. They were looking to use VR to answer spatial questions, reduce RFIs, and catch design issues from their 3D models.

See how BSA implemented The Wild platform to save $10,000 per project.

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3 Signs That Your Team Needs VR/AR Collaboration in 2021

The pandemic has shaken the industry at its absolute core, and if you aren’t honed into new, virtual, ways to collaborate you can quickly get left behind. Whether working from home or across multiple office locations, these three companies took advantage of VR/AR (or, XR) collaboration solutions via The Wild and are thriving in today’s climate.

Here are the most common indicators that companies need to evaluate their current workflow. If you self identify with any combination of these indicators. It’s time to look deeper into XR solutions.

Getting Started with VR - iPad

Getting Started with VR Collaboration in 2021

Virtual reality is no longer out of reach, something we 'might' use 50 years from now. VR technology is already being used today by forward-thinking architects and designers who are saving money, winning more clients, and working smarter in their remote collaboration.

While it may seem daunting, figuring out the best VR setup for your team isn’t as difficult as you might think. This guide will help you understand exactly what you need to get set up so you can start saving time and money by collaborating in VR.

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How adidas uses VRAR to Revolutionize Retail Design

Today’s design workflow is broken. With most teams now collaborating across distance, traditional presentations often lead to poor decision-making. adidas’s retail team struggled to find a mutual understanding of complex ideas until discovering virtual and augmented reality collaboration.

Learn how adidas has integrated VR/AR into their retail design process to make better decisions and net-cost savings with The Wild's immersive collaboration platform.

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